Yes, I wish to voluntarily proceed with disclosing my COVID-19 Vaccination/Immunity information to Valard

For more information on how and why my COVID-19 vaccination information is being collected and used, please refer to: SWP 28.000 Vaccine Immunity Disclosure Policy.

Important note – Employees who have been Vaccinated and/or who have contracted COVID-19 previously (i.e. natural Immunity) may choose, under their own will and strictly voluntarily, to submit their Personal Information to Valard pursuant to SWP 28.000 Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccine/Immunity Disclosure Policy. Should an employee choose not to share their Personal Information in terms of Vaccination status and/or if they have contracted COVID-19 previously, for any reason, no action is required by them.  Any Personal Information collected will be collected pursuant to Valard’s Privacy Policy and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).